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[VIDEO] Kicks, Flips, and Respect

[VIDEO] Kicks, Flips, and Respect

People are learning the art of grappling and ground fighting just steps away from Penn Station. Nia Phillips spent time with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, Magno Gama, who teaches students that winning and losing are just part of the game.

Reported & Produced by Nia Phillips and Magdalene Castro

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Ethnic America Goes to the Polls

Reporters from the New York Torch visited polling places in the New York City and Jersey City area to ask first-time voters from ethnic communities about their experiences, opinions and hopes for America.

Click on the pictures to know their stories.

Reporting by Mea Ashley, Yvonne Bang, Magdalene Castro, William Denselow, Shaukat Hamdani, Colleen McKown, Michael Orr, MaryAlice Parks, Nia Phillips, Griselda Ramirez, Rebecca Sanchez and Charlotte Stafford.
Edited by Jay Devineni, Lorelai Germain, Stephen Jiwanmall, Ntshepeng Motema and Christina Thorne.
Complied by Dhiya Kuriakose.

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Confusion at Bronx Polling Site

Reported by Yvonne Bang and Magdalene Castro
Written by Stephen Jiwanmall 

Even with her two bad knees, Diana Brij Lal made it to a local polling place in her Bronx neighborhood of Parkchester.

She went to P.S. 119, where her son goes to school. It’s where she’s always voted, she said, but on Tuesday, polling officials surprised her.

“They told me to come here,” she said. “ Now they’re telling me to go somewhere else.”

Given her infirmity, she decided not to vote at all.

“Somebody had my vote today, but now I don’t know,” Lal said.

Celina Dark, a coordinator at the polling site, said that some registered voters in the area had to go to different polling sites this year due to the city’s recent redistricting.

Dark added that voters with physical disabilities like Lal shouldn’t have been turned away. All they needed to do was fill out an affidavit, explaining why they couldn’t go to their assigned polling station.

This wasn’t communicated to the official who talked to Lal but Dark didn’t explain why.

Lal was one of a handful of voters who voiced disappointment with how the polling site handled the voting process.

Another Parkchester resident, Arlene Hector, said: “I had to ask for directions on what to do, and there was lots of confusion.  It is important, she added, that people working at the polls have more information. “If we’re not voting for who we truly want in office, then we might as well not vote at all.”

Here’s how another voter reacted to the chaos inside the polling station:


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[VIDEO] Indo-Caribbeans Prepare to Vote

Reporter: Stephen Jiwanmall, Trinidadian Beat Reporter

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