Voter Potraits – Jersey City

The New York Torch spoke to voters exiting the New Jersey City University’s John J. Moore Athletics and Fitness Center, which had been transformed into a local polling center.

Chandra Berry (Left) celebrated her 20th birthday by going to the polls with her friend Tawannda Hill, 21 (second from left). Both women, who voted for the first time on Tuesday, said that they were raised in homes where voting was very highly valued.

Born in Egypt, Monir Khilla, 24, attained citizenship in April of 2009 and was excited to participate in his first presidential election.

Bishop Carl Williams, 71, has voted in every presidential election since he became eligible as a young man in Jersey City. The decisive issue in casting his vote, he said, was healthcare.

Obama supporter, Aboubacar Diawara, 18, stood outside of the building, where there was a mock ballot posted on the wall, and showed a friend how easy it was. The friend, who like Aboubacar is from Senegal , is not yet eligible to vote.

Yanazia Yates, 19 (left) and Tiara Abraham, 19, said that healthcare and education were their top priorities in considering who to vote for.

Neighbors and friends for many years, John Oshado, 81 (left) and James Gaynor, 78, walked to the polling center together from their homes just a few blocks away.

James Gaynor, 78

John Oshado, 81

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